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At Lucas Noble Financial, our purpose is to assist individuals, families and businesses who have a commitment to achieve financial independence. We strive to help you consolidate, coordinate and simplify your finances so you can live safely and comfortably in retirement. We are committed to our relationship with our clients and sincerely work to make a difference in the lives we touch.  



 To access your account online, please click on "Sign into your account" drop down to the right. We have a few websites, each of which serve slightly different purposes.

MetLife E-Service

E-Service is the best tool for viewing your insurance and annuity contracts. It shows policy details  including policy numbrs, premium, beneficiaries, cash value, rider information etc. Brokerage accounts will also show on E-Service, however information is somewhat limited.

MetLife Securities

If you have registered for access to NetExchange to view your investment account, you may choose "MetLife Securities" under the options. If you have not registered, but would like to gain access to this feature, please contact Renee Dorney.

NetExchange View allows you to view your brokerage accounts online, and access documents including statements, and view your portfolio holdings. Please note: This does not include annuity contracts or accounts held directly with mutual fund companies.

NetExchange View also allows you to register to go paperless.

MetLife ClientView

Client View is the most comprehensive option for viewing your accounts with Lucas Noble Financial. Client View will show all life insurance and annuity contracts, as well as brokerage accounts held at MetLife and at outside mutual fund companies.

Client view allows you to view your recent account activity, and run performance reports. It also has to ability to group all of your accounts in your household under one portfolio. This way you and your spouse can share one username. Please contact Renee Dorney to have your accounts linked.